There are many great resources and locations to learn about Polymer and web components, share what you've built, and more. All community participation is subject to the Polymer project's Code of Conduct - be excellent to each other!


  • Join us on Slack! There are over 6000 registered users to chat about web components and get you unstuck. Check out #general, #elements, #tools or even #spanish to get started.
  • Follow us on Twitter for the latest on web components and the Polymer project. Many of our team members can be caught tweeting about Polymer, the web platform and/or lizards.
  • The polymer-dev mailing list is great for long-form questions and discussion.
  • StackOverflow with the polymer tag is perfect for any kind of question around developing using the Polymer library. You can even try your hand at answering other people’s queries.
  • The Google Plus Community contains useful links to concepts and discussions from a couple of years ago. For discussions on the most recent developments, join us on one of the other channels above!

In the wild

  • aims to make it easy to share and discover reusable web UI components. There's a catalog of custom elements (both built with Polymer, and without), as well as web-component related articles, podcasts, and tools.
  • The #projects channel on Slack is a showcase of what elements and applications community members have built with Polymer.
  • There are several app-layout templates that you can download and get started with instantly. We also have a Shop template for ecommerce sites, and a News template for content sites.


If you're tired of reading, why not check out some videos?
  • Ready to get your hands dirty and revolutionize the modern web? Join Rob Dodson from the Chrome Developer Relations team as he explores the ins and outs of Polymer, in his famous Polycasts.
  • The 2017 Polymer Summit videos are out!


  • You can find the Polymer team at various events around the world from web development conferences to University hackathons.
  • To stay on top of where we’ll be next, join the #events channel on Slack, or follow us on Twitter.
  • We’ve also hosted three Polymer Summits: Copenhagen (2017), London (2016) and Amsterdam (2015), where we were able to meet hundreds of Polymer developers and share announcements and best practices.